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      Brief introduction and maintenance of single column oil pres

      A hydraulic press is a machine that uses liquid as its working medium. It transfers energy to achieve various processes according to Pascal's principle. The hydraulic press is generally made up of the local (main engine), the power system and the hydraulic control system. The three part is the introduction and maintenance of the single column hydraulic press. Use of hydraulic press Hydraulic press is a machine that uses liquid as working medium, and can realize transformation of various processes. In addition to forging, hydraulic press can also be used for rectifying, compacting, packing, pressing blocks, pressing plates and so on. The hydraulic press includes hydraulic press and hydraulic press. As a working medium, water-based liquid is called a hydraulic press, and oil as a working medium is called a water press. The specification of hydraulic press is generally expressed by the nominal working force (KN) or the nominal tonnage (ton). The hydraulic press for forging is mainly a large tonnage hydraulic punch. In order to reduce the size of the equipment, the use of large-scale forging hydraulic machines is more common than high pressure (35 megabytes Pascal), and sometimes over 100 megabytes of ultra high pressure is used. Other uses of hydraulic press usually use 6 ~ 25 MPA working pressure. The tonnage of the hydraulic press is lower than that of the hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic press has such uses. How shall we maintain it to protect hydraulic equipment? The first job, of course, to keep the environment clean, do not let the dust harm it, we should strictly follow the oil change cycle, regular oil change, often check the hydraulic press joint is not oil lea condition Cage, regular inspection of oil, base should keep good, no vibration situation! This is my experience of years of contact with the hydraulic machine equipment summary, do this work can be done Try to follow this point to maintain! The technical characteristics of single column hydraulic press (small oil press): Single column hydraulic press is also a multi-functional medium and small hydraulic machinery, which can be used for the calibration, pre buckle, pressure of bearing parts of shaft parts, profiles, and also for bending, whole edge, setting, stamping, sleeve, stretching, etc. of sheet metal parts, and can also be used in powder and plastic products. It is mainly applied to machine tools, internal combustion engines, light wires, hoisting machinery and shaft installation. As well as batteries, spark plugs and other industries. The single column hydraulic press (small hydraulic press) is designed reasonably and operates simply. Electromagnetic exchange control is used to control up and down activities, and electric and semi-automatic applications can be applied to suppress technical requirements of different users. Performance: The 1 and four columns are simple, economical and practical, with good frame structure, high accuracy and strong resistance. 2, hydraulic control adopts integral cartridge valve group system, which reduces leakage and runs reliably and increases long life. 3, the electrical system controlled by PLC is compact, sensitive, reliable, flexible and good. Brief introduction and maintenance of single column oil press 4, working pressure and stroke can be adjusted according to process requirements, and the operation is simple. 5, there are three operation modes: regulation, two-handed cell cycle, and continuous operation with feeding device. 6, through the selection of operation panel, not only the two forming processes of fixed and pressure are realized, but also three operation cycles of cushion, pad and ejection are realized.

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