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      Knowledge and characteristics of servo oil press

      The failure characteristics of construction machinery and equipment are different. Different application stages have different characteristics. (1) the initial fault characteristics of the construction machinery. In the early use of construction machinery (equivalent to transition time) from high to low (drop curve), the use of the initial failure rate is related to the quality and service period of manufacturing or maintenance. If the quality of construction machinery is good, it can be used and maintained normally. Then, the initial failure rate is low. Otherwise, the early failure rate will be very high. Early faults are mainly loose or loose joint bolts; loose or loose pipe joints: residual metal chips or sand cast sand can easily plug oil roads or clamps, causing oil leakage, regulating clearance or pressure caused by the relative movement friction of the traction components (such as the servo hydraulic press system of the actuator cylinder), so that the mechanical components can not perform the required capacity, and the servo oil press knowledge and special. Point, some joints due to bolts are not tight, oil leakage, oil leakage, gas leakage and so on. (2) the failure characteristics of construction machinery in normal operation stage. After completion of construction machinery, the personnel will be in normal operation. Construction machinery in this stage of operation, as long as the maintenance of the correct use of maintenance, generally will not have trouble, even if the fault is a random fault (this fault is concealed, maintenance or inspection is not easy to find), so the failure rate is very low, the curve slightly rise. If the construction machinery fails during normal operation, it will cause many emergency or improper maintenance. (3) construction machinery uses a major repair stage approaching the fault characteristics. When the construction machinery is used during the overhaul period, the loss of each component is increased. The deterioration of technology condition is characterized by high failure rate. Generally speaking, most of them are clogging due to wear and aging, and there are more leakage and bad phenomena. Knowledge and characteristics of servo oil press (4) the fault characteristics of engineering machinery in different seasons. The failure rate of the construction machinery is related to the season. The failure rate in winter is higher than that in summer. For example, because of low temperature, fuel supply system often atomized in winter. The fuel is easily clogged and blocked, and it is not easy to start. Or the engine running out of fire and other faults, lubricating oil fluidity, accelerating mechanical wear, battery leakage, causing engine not easy to start, brake unreliable, fluid transmission abnormal.

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