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      Servo oil press can improve performance and save energy

      The servo oil press is in the general hydraulic machine and the direction control loop, and the AC servo oil press and the quantitative oil pump are composed of the controllable hydraulic source. Instead of the ordinary induction motor driving the uncontrollable hydraulic source, the pressure, position and speed control of the energy saving system are realized with all kinds of sensors and motor control. The servo oil press increases the displacement sensor in the main cylinder and the auxiliary cylinder, and enters the oil pressure pressure sensor in the main cylinder to realize the position, speed, pressure and closed loop control. Servo oil press can improve performance and save energy (1) the operating error of common sense. For example, three phase inversion, fuel tank oil is not enough, pressure control valve does not increase pressure on friends. This is usually the newcomer in the press. (2) insufficient power. It usually appears on the old servo hydraulic press, or the loss of the pump, or the aging of the motor. You put the palm of your hand in the oil pipe, see if the servo pressure machine press the pressure if the suction is very large, the pump has no problem; the movement aging is relatively rare, the real aging sound is very large, because it can not bring so much power. (3) oil leakage. First of all, there are no obvious signs of oil leakage on the surface of servo hydraulic press, and no oil seal piston is damaged. This is the first side, because really can not find a solution will be dismantled to oil. (4) the hydraulic valve is disconnected. The valve is blocked, and the internal spring is damaged by impurities. It can't reset. It may cause pressure to not play. If it's a manual valve, remove it. (5) the hydraulic meter is damaged, and it is possible. The servo hydraulic press increases the proportion of safety valve at the auxiliary cylinder outlet to reach the floating edge of the blank support on the auxiliary cylinder pressure side. The motor is used to connect the high-power AC servo oil press, the motor and the controller. By controlling the speed of the motor, the flow control is realized, and the main oil quantity is controlled and the voltage is adjusted. Full use of high power AC servo oil press, high efficiency, controllable, adjustable, reliable and so on, to optimize the process parameters, improve the performance of the hydraulic press and reduce energy consumption hydraulic processing is an important equipment, driven by the motor hydraulic pump, production of high pressure liquid, through the hydraulic cylinder to produce straight motion. Because of its wide adaptability, servo hydraulic press is widely used in metal and non-metal forming. The application of high power AC servo hydraulic press in hydraulic press instead of ordinary induction motor can simplify the structure of hydraulic system, improve performance and save energy.

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