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      The advanced rail hydraulic press technology has perfected t

      The guideway oil press is one of the most widely used equipment in the production of the guideway oil press. It has developed rapidly since nineteenth Century. The guideway oil press has extensive adaptability in the work, so it is widely used in all kinds of national economic departments. Because of the overall structure of the hydraulic system and the guideway oil press, the development of the guideway oil press is not only reflected in the control system at home and abroad, but also in the high speed, high efficiency and low energy consumption. The advanced hydraulic pressure machine technology is used to improve the whole hydraulic system. The advanced rail hydraulic press technology has perfected the whole hydraulic system. As the two main components and hydraulic systems of the guideway oil press, there is no significant difference between the domestic and foreign models because of the mature technology development. The main difference is the processing technology and installation. A good process enables machine to filter, cool and prevent impact and vibration. Automatic, intelligent, automatic diagnosis and adjustment of the system, with fault preprocessing function; hydraulic components integration, standardization, effective prevention of leakage and pollution. In the oil road design, the guideway oil press at home and abroad is inclined to integrate, the closed design of the hydraulic system, the cartridge valve, the compound valve and the composite components and the system are widely used. Especially, the rail hydraulic press can be professionally produced, with good quality, reliable performance and relatively short design period. In recent years, the circuit of developing new hydraulic components on the basis of the integrated block has its unique advantages. The guideway oil press does not need additional connection structure more compact, smaller volume, and lighter weight. No pipe connection eliminates leakage, vibration and noise caused by pipes and joints. The guideway oil press has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, good sealing performance, low power loss, quick action and easy integration. It has been developed rapidly since the beginning of 70s. In this way, the manufacturer of rail oil press is not in automatic production level, resulting in the consistency of rail oil press is difficult to guarantee. The hydraulic guideway hydraulic press made in China is the raw material quality, and the gap between developed countries is more obvious. For example, cylinder, seal, etc. The quality of the original device itself determines the service life of the guideway oil press, its rigidity, the heat resistance and strength of the body, is the key factor to ensure the quality of the guideway oil press. In addition, the core technology of the Chinese guideway oil press technology is lack of independent development ability and lack of independent intellectual property rights innovation, which hinders the development of China's hydraulic industry as an important factor.

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